Stock & Buttsbury Heritage Society


Registered Charity No. 1144479

A cataloguing program for the extensive collection of records held at the Heritage Centre is now up and running. The latest additions to this on-going project are shown here, and a search facility on your chosen subject is currently available.

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All Saints Church, Stock
Item ID: 5
Category: Pictures
Approx Year: 1960s?
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Post Office, Stock
Item ID: 4
Category: Pictures
Approx Year: 1960s?
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The Cock in winter
Item ID: 3
Category: Photographs
Approx Year: 1950s?
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Essex Town & Country compiled by FEWI
Item ID: 2
Category: Books
Approx Year: 1992
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Donald Jarvis Scrapbooks
Item ID: 1
Category: Newspapers
Approx Year: 1918-1997
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